The existing Feed Regulations (1983) in Canada are being modernized.  Some key changes are:

The current positive list of feed ingredients (Schedules IV and V) are being replaced by the Canadian Feed Ingredients Table (CFIT).

A Table of Permissible Claims for Feed Labels has been developed.  Any feeds making claims listed in the Table will not require product registration provided that certain other import conditions are met.

Certain documents such as the CFIT and Table of Permissible Claims for Feed Labels are incorporated by reference into the Feed Regulations (2022) allowing for easier publication of regulatory updates.

A series of fact sheets have been published by the CFIA which can be found here:

Notably, the CFIA has developed a guidance on registration for gut modifier products which also lays the framework for products which may reduce methane emissions in cattle.  A consultation on the guidance closed recently and the CFIA is in the process of finalizing the document: