EFSA has started 2023 by introducing a new logo and at the end of the last year launched a podcast called “Science on the Menu”.  There are also a few events worth noting for 2023:

  • Workshop on EFSA’s updated guidance on the use of the benchmark dose in risk assessment (15-16 February – registration open)
  • Future Food and Feed Lab – Stakeholder workshop on new food/feed sources and technologies (7-8 March)
  • EFSA’s Colloquium 27 on Cell culture-derived foods and food (11-12 May)

The introduction of the transparency regulation continues to add to the burden on applicants and we are seeing this in a number of ways:

  • Significant amount of time preparing confidential and non-confidential versions of all documentation submitted to EFSA
  • Numerous questions during the validity and completeness check relating to details on confidentiality and study notifications
  • A stricter approach to following the letter of the guidance documents with less flexibility to rationalise or adapt the requirements to suit the nature and safety profile of the ingredient on a case by case basis

In practice this is making the submission process time consuming and extending the period of time to validation of an application.

Transparency regulation: https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/corporate-pubs/transparency-regulation-practical-arrangements