Feed Ingredients & Feed Additives

NutraSteward can help you navigate the regulatory processes to market for substances intended for use in animal feed in the United States, European Union, Great Britain and Canada.   Our expertise includes feed for farmed animals and pet food

Our services include:

  • Establishing the regulatory status of substances intended for use in animal feed either directly or indirectly (carry-over/processing aids)
  • Determining the data requirements to gain market entry under the S. food additive petition, AAFCO ingredient definition or GRAS notification processes, EU feed additive application procedure, or through the Canadian single feed ingredient and product registration systems
  • Coordinating the collection of data on the feed substance and in the target animal
  • Preparing high quality scientific dossiers for evaluation by regulatory bodies
  • Successfully stewarding applications through the assessment process as well as coordinating GRAS Expert Panel reviews